Spirit of Nature Healing

Energy Healing ~ Spirit Communications ~ Sacred Art  

Do you feel the calling for transformation in your life . . . a call to live your life with more harmony, joy and peace?

Do you feel drawn to explore a deeper connection with your spiritual guides and your own heart-based intuition?

Do feel guided to create a deeper sense of Sacred Space in your home or land?


At a very challenging time in my life I received an answer to my heart’s calling for transformation.  It came as a life-altering visitation from the celestial realm. After many years of deep inner healing and on-going integration of this experience, it is now my life’s full dedication to work with the subtle healing energies of nature and serve as a bridge between the seen and unseen spiritual realms. Through my work, I am called to help others open their awareness to the infinite healing and love available to humanity at this time. With the Divine Mother as my primary guide and teacher and sourced from my ever-deepening relationship with the Sacred Heart of Nature, I offer:

Divine Light Communications (spiritual transmissions),

Energy Healing Sessions (in-person and remote)

Energetic Clearing for land, homes and offices (in-person and remote)

Sacred Healing Art

To book a session or inquire further about my offerings, please reach me via the contact page or at an upcoming event.  I’m happy to speak with you about how my work might benefit your unique journey of healing and remembering.

With Blessings ~ Satya


Created thru an Angelic visitation,       Divine Light Elementals are imbued     with subtle, transformative energy. As portals to the Spirit Realm and agents of healing, each piece transmits light and harmony to its surroundings. Elementals help create sacred space in your healing room, home or office.

Healing sessions with Satya are transformative, insightful and deeply relaxing. Energy sessions and Divine    Light Communications (spiritual transmissions) are offered in southern Oregon and remotely.   

Awaken the heart-center of your home or property! Satya has the gifted ability to connect into the energetic blueprint of a property or home, to gently awaken dormant earth energies and to anchor in fresh energies from the celestial realms. Satya offers 30-minute consults at no charge to discuss how this work can benefit and transform your land, home and life.

Devotional Altars


Slider photos:
Autumn Path photo courtesy of www.shamanspiritpath.com
Photo of Lavender Labyrinth at Circle of Trust Healing Center courtesy of Mail Tribune