Hello! Welcome to Spirit of Nature Healing.

Nature is a powerful ally in the transformation that humanity is being called to at this time.  The spirit of nature offers a doorway to us all for deep inner healing and the remembrance of our True Essence. She presents herself through limitless forms and dimensions . . . as the divine feminine spirit of water, the vibrational healing balm of the forest, the guiding wisdom of mountain spirits and open fields. Overseeing and deeply connected to nature are beings of celestial light, infinite in number and expression. These unseen beings of divine light impart their wisdom, love and guidance through the beauty and life force of earth and the natural world. As a vast, conscious field of energy, this Living Spirit  – of the land, plants, the waters, the stars – is fully aware and responsive to humanity’s call. The more we open our heart awareness to the vibrations and presence of the Spirit of Nature, the deeper She can and will meet, guide and heal us.

The intention behind all of my work and offerings is to serve as a bridge between heaven and earth to open and enhance the awareness of the infinite realms of healing and love available to humanity at this time.

  • Do you wish to open and/or deepen your own heart-based guidance, intuition and inner peace?
  • Are you looking for the next step on your journey of healing and remembering?
  • Would you like to connect more deeply to the sacred nature of your land, outside space or home?

It is my life’s dedication and joy to work with those who feel called to this transformational healing. Sourced from my ever-deepening and unfolding relationship with Spirit and Nature, I offer energy healing sessions, transformative earth energy and space clearing consultations and create sacred art. Please browse through my website. You can reach me through the contact page or at an upcoming event.  I’m happy to speak with you about my work and how it might benefit you, your home and/or your land.

With Blessings ~ Satya


Energy Healing

Reiki Energy sessions with Satya are transformative and deeply relaxing.   Healing sessions are offered in southern Oregon and remotely for those not in the local area.

Divine Light Elementals 

Created thru an Angelic visitation, the Divine Light Elementals are imbued with subtle, transformative energy. As portals   to the spirit realm, each piece transmits light and harmony to its surroundings. Elementals make a beautiful addition to   your healing space, home or office. Custom work is available.    

Earth Harmonizing & Space Clearing

Awaken the heart-center of your home or property! Satya has the gifted ability to connect into the energetic blueprint of a property or home, to gently awaken dormant earth energies and to anchor in fresh energies from the celestial realms. Satya offers 30-minute consults at no charge to discuss how this work can benefit and transform your land, home and life.

Devotional Altars

Contact Satya here.


Slider photos:
Autumn Path photo courtesy of www.shamanspiritpath.com
Photo of Lavender Labyrinth at Circle of Trust Healing Center courtesy of Mail Tribune