Is there a calling in your Heart
to live a life
of Harmony and Peace?

Are you ready to look within, make changes, to heal?

What is this life all about for you?

A Message from Satya

At a very challenging time in my life I received an answer to my heart’s call for transformation.
It came as a life-altering visitation and healing from the Celestial Realm.
After many years of inner-healing and integration of this immense experience,
it is my life’s dedication to serve humanity’s healing and return to Love. 

With the Divine Mother as my guide
and sourced from my ever-deepening relationship with the Heart of Nature,
I offer services and tools for transformation and healing:

Divine Light Communications

Divine Light Elementals and Altars

Reiki Healing

Sacred Space Consultations
(for homes and land)

I offer in-person (Southern Oregon) and long-distance sessions.
For questions or to book a session,
please reach me through the contact page.

With Infinite Love, Satya Alcorn

Divine Light Elementals