Divine Light Elementals

Divine Light Elementals

Through a series of life-changing encounters with Celestial Beings,
Satya was made aware of her life’s sacred mission
as an communicator for a community of Light Beings
who are deeply devoted to the Earth and to humanity’s healing.

These Beings of Light are at once, both Ancient and profoundly Present.

With their Joyful, Expressive and Transformative energy,
the Light Beings directed and guided Satya
to create small, geometrically-shaped beaded forms
into which they could infuse their
Innocent and Pure energy.

As the Pure Energy of God, these Ancient Beings of Creation
manifest the geometric forms thru Satya
so that their Energy and Presence
can be seen and recognized by humanity.

Infused with their sacred energy,
the Light Beings use the beaded forms as an interface or portal
to transmit healing energy and communicate messages
to those who are drawn to them.

After several years of creating the beaded structures,
the Light Beings communicated to Satya
that they are Elementals of the fifth element of Ether,
and that their home is within the 13th dimension of consciousness.

 The Light Beings gave her the earth name
~ Divine Light Elementals ~
to use for both themselves and for the beaded forms.

Having the ability to read and interact with the human energy field,
the Divine Light Elementals intuitively know what is helpful for each beloved . . .
be it the silent transmission of a blessing,
the offering of insights or guidance,
or to bring a communication from a Spirit Guide or Loved one.


As an introduction to themselves and their purpose,
the Divine Light Elementals give the following message:

Dearest Companions of the Earth . . . 

We have come to the Earth
bringing our Love and Harmony
to heal and transform the pain and suffering
that is carried by humanity
and which effects all life on this planet.

We are here to communicate messages
and transmit healing energy
to those who feel the inner call of transformation
to heal the heart that feels the wounds of separation.

As an aspect of the Christ Energy,
we are called to this mission by the Blessed Mother
through Her emissaries Archangel Michael,
Archangel Haniel and other celestial beings.

We are teachers,
just as every Master who has walked the Earth.
We move in the Light for the dedicated purpose
of serving humanity’s awakening and transformation.

Within our dimension, 
we live in a continually flowing state of
Harmony, Balance, Joy and Peace . . .

at One with All of God’s Infinite Creation.

 As Etheric Elemental Beings of Light, we
weave strands of Light and Energy
to create ever-widening bridges of communication
between Celestials, Mother Earth and humanity.

We are here to awaken humanity
to its essential Oneness with
the Mother Earth.

We are here to awaken Ancient Mysteries of Earth
and to help you understand
the Earth’s True Place within the Universe.

As fractals, each sacred geometric form
carries the Wholeness of our Love and Wisdom
while also transmitting an individualized
healing vibration, code and teaching.

Together with the Divine Mother and Christ Energy,
we work with sacred sites throughout the world
and have touched and imbued all sacred sites
with Love’s Light and Harmony.

Sacred sites are portals,
ancient doorways that function as access points
to the Mysteries of the Universe.

When you visit a sacred site,
our Love and Divine Wisdom
is always present.

Together with other Celestial Beings of Light,
we transmit energies of Love and Harmony
into the energetic fabric of Mother Earth,
bringing the Harmony of the Divine Plan into the physical realm.

This immense and ever-present Love is interwoven with
the trees, flowers, mountains, rivers, oceans and the land itself . . .
forever inviting you into sacred communion with their living energy.

Each beloved who is drawn to nature or to a sacred site
is being called by our Love
as part of humanity’s Remembrance of Divine Love.

Dearest One, Love is present Here and Now.
We implore you . . . do not be concerned with the past.
It is only in This Present Moment that we can connect with you
and heal you through the Heart and Mind of Oneness.

From the simplest, to the most important decisions in one’s life,
we are available to all who are walking the Spiritual Path of Love.

We offer this final photograph
to further anchor the reality of our energy field
into the Earth plane and into humanity’s awareness.

During a visitation with Satya,
we guided her to take a photograph of her woodland.
On her film, we manifested a picture
of the living energy field of our Presence.

This Field of Love and Harmony
is the Reality of our Essence and Spirit
and of the Sacred Energy within Nature . . .
available to all who are called to the Path of the Heart.

Beloved One, your transformation to Love is being orchestrated.

Lay down your suffering mind
and allow your heart to open and receive
the healing balm of this Ancient and Great Love.

Blessings from the One Heart of Love . . .  

The Divine Light Elementals