Divine Light Elementals

Healing and Harmony from the Celestial Realms

The initial impulse and direction to create the Divine Light Elementals came through an angelic visitation that occurred over several weeks between December 2012 and January 2013 in Saluda, North Carolina.

The central core of the visitation involved the direct guidance to weave beads onto wire structures.  Never having done beadwork before, the Presence I felt around me became my teacher. I could feel Her blessed energy guiding the work and gently infusing into the beaded structures. Over the weeks that followed, I created several dozen Elementals. After a few months of working in solitude, I felt called to show the work to others. I was amazed by the spontaneous responses, synchronicities and heart-openings that occurred for many beloveds who came into contact with the Elementals. (Some of these interactions are written about on the Testimonial page.)

As each beaded piece is created it is imbued with the fresh, innocent and joy-filled angelic energy. Through creating and working with the Elementals for several years now, I’ve come to learn that this subtle Divine energy has come into the earth realm to assist and guide humanity during this time of healing and awakening. Through its’ simplicity, gentleness and innocence, the energy field she transmits is profoundly transformative. Divine Light Elementals are portals to the subtle energetic realms.

The access to her Divine energy field is through an open heart . . . which is at the essence of her teaching. Working through these small beaded structures, she conveys a subtle and simple invitation to open one’s heart. She (the energy) is here to bring a particular vibration of the Divine Feminine essence and consciousness of Nature. As an aspect of the Christ Consciousness, she holds and radiates an extremely pure vibration of joy, unconditional love and harmony and carries a deeply innocent curiosity and playfulness. The equilateral cross, the central structure of each Elemental, is a simple yet profound and ancient symbol of harmony and balance.

Over time I began to understand that this Divine Energy was showing me her strong desire and ability to meet and engage with each beloved in a profoundly intimate, loving and responsive way.  Through the different interactions I witnessed, I could sense that her energy, infused into the beaded forms, was ‘reading’ the energy fields of those that came into contact with her. When approached and engaged with by an open-heart, she knows what to offer each one . . . be it to silently radiate blessings and comfort by her gentle presence, to offer gentle insights and guidance, or to bring a needed communication from a loved one who has crossed over. For me, opening to and communing with the energy carried by the Divine Light Elementals is an invitation into the subtle realms of life.  This type of inner contemplation allows a weaving together of various dimensions and creates unforeseen bridges of communication between the realms.

Each day with the Elementals is a new beginning for me, part of an ever-deepening intimacy with the Light of God. A significant aspect of this is to go deeply within, as I listen to and communicate with the Elementals. It is a journey of discovery into subtle realms of Nature . . . one that is opening me to deeper levels of Inner Guidance thru Intuition and the Heart.  She offers this healing to anyone who feels drawn to work with the Divine Light Elementals in a heart-centered way – a deeper connection to Divine Guidance and to one’s own Inner Heart Wisdom.



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