Energy Clearing for Land & Homes

Welcome to the sacred art and practice of working with the Spirit of Nature to harmonize earth energies, create sacred space and deepen your relationship to nature.

Satya’s earth energy consults help to:

  • Clear and freshen the land’s energy before or after moving and during times of life transition;
  • Help the land flourish by clearing and balancing areas that feels stuck or energetically off;
  • Awaken dormant energies and anchor higher vibrational energies into your land;
  • Identify and enhance power points on the land;
  • Connect to the land guardians before building to bring a deeper level of harmony to the project; and
  • Determine the most beneficial placement of new structures.

This work is effective for all scales and types of outside spaces and issues.

Each area of land carries its own unique energy signature and subtle energies.  When in harmony, the energies of a place are open and fresh.  Due to various factors, earth energies can become fragmented and blocked and can be felt as a sense of disharmony or dullness in the land.

When Satya is on your property, she opens to and engages with the subtle energy field with deep intuitive listening and dowsing.  Through her many years of experience, she has found that the most important factor is bringing a deep heart awareness and presence to the land.  The intention is always to join with the Spirit of Nature and to call forward the earths’ own inherent balance and harmony.

Once the energetic patterns and characteristics are revealed, it is then possible to understand what is needed to bring the space into greater harmony and balance. Sometimes very little physical change needs to occur in order to open up and shift the energy.  Other times more extensive alterations are required.  While esoteric in nature, Satya’s work is grounded in many years of training and experience in earth energy harmonizing and clearing and is also deeply informed by her background in landscape architecture.

 Each session is always unique to each property and landowner and could include:

  • The installation of individual stones or groupings of stones (earth acupuncture);
  • The removal, relocation and / or addition of trees or other vegetation;
  • The creation of an earth altar or water feature; or
  • Creating and holding a land blessing.

Satya offers a initial complementary 30-meeting to meet with you and determine if her work would be helpful on your property.  Fees are based on the size and complexity of the project and will be discussed prior to work commencing. Satya is happy to travel for larger projects that are outside of the southern Oregon area.


‘Spirit of Nature Healing’ is aptly named. Satya’s life-practice is her work, and her life-work is her practice; no stone is left unturned. Whether a personal, space clearing or earth-healing session, every movement is taken with care, clarity, and conviction. Living in Satya’s world is a daily reminder to walk, listen, and speak intentionally; to observe lovingly and compassionately, to slow down.

Satya flew in and spent a month living with us on our western North Carolina woodland. We had one major garden area in mind, calling out for her architectural expertise, and were open to considering the needs of various other spaces on the property. While Satya’s style and intent was clear, I truly had not yet comprehended the depth or direction this potent healing journey would take. Each day unfolded organically: consultations and quotes from landscapers and artists, daily ceremony, toil in the dirt, day-trips, nursery and shop visits, garden planning (and doing!), body work, hikes, heart to hearts, watching & waiting.

Satya’s pristine listening skills, gentle wisdom, firm grace, and pointed intention opened door after door, to reveal layer upon layer of that which called for healing on the land, in the home, and in our bodies and our hearts. Ancient wounds and untold healing gifts offered themselves, from their depths within the earth around our home. Nature spirits living on the land, revealed themselves in serious and playful ways. Their willingness to support everything that we desired was palpable and our conversations continue.

What began as a garden project has blossomed into an ongoing commitment to ourselves, each other, our precious land, and the flora and fauna we steward here. It has resulted in a rearrangement of our lives and our love, a reassessment of what is essential, dying trees released from their life-cycle, many new plantings and transplanting’s, and renewed health and vigor of body and mind. The garden projects continue to evolve and unfold, and we continue to ride the slow train with patience, anticipation, and extreme joy! We highly recommend Satya and her work!”  Analisa Dominica, Mill Spring, NC