Energy Clearing for Land & Homes

Satya offers energy clearing and harmonizing sessions for homes, outside spaces and land. She offers a complementary 1/2 hour phone call to discuss your potential project. Please contact her for more information. 

Words from a client . . .

“Satya flew in and spent a month living with us on our western North Carolina woodland. While Satya’s style and intent was clear, I truly had not yet comprehended the depth or direction this potent healing journey would take.

Satya’s pristine listening skills, gentle wisdom, firm grace, and pointed intention opened and revealed layer upon layer of that which called for healing on the land, in the home, and in our bodies and our hearts. Ancient wounds and untold healing gifts offered themselves, from their depths within the earth around our home. Nature Spirits living on the land, revealed themselves in serious and playful ways. Their willingness to support everything that we desired was palpable and our conversations continue.

Satya’s life-practice is her work and her life-work is her practice; no stone is left unturned. Whether a personal, space clearing or earth-healing session, every movement is taken with care, clarity, and conviction. Living in Satya’s world is a daily reminder to walk, listen, and speak intentionally; to observe lovingly and compassionately; to slow down.

We highly recommend Satya and her work!”  Analisa Dominica, Mill Spring, NC