Energy Healing

Satya offers three forms of energy healing.

Usui Reiki

As a Reiki Master in the Usui tradition, Satya has provided energy treatments to a wide range of clients over many years. As a skilled practitioner, Satya holds a respectful, compassionate space in which clients can experience a deep restfulness and rejuvenation of energy.  Clients have also reported having access to new insights and the alleviation and/or lessening of pain with the body. Working with universal energy and life force, all spiritual paths are welcomed and honored.

Divine Light Elemental Reiki

Guided by the transformative and healing energy of the Divine Light Elementals, Satya offers energy treatments that facilitate a deep inner alignment with one’s natural and true state of peace and harmony. Elementals are used in various ways during the session to open a deeply nurturing and supportive field of Light around the client. Sessions lead to the release of energetic blockages, strong spiritual insights and deeper access to one’s inherent gifts. Messages from Spiritual Guides are often received during these sessions.



Plant Spirit Reiki

Plant Spirit Reiki sessions integrate the ancient practice of plant spirit medicine with Reiki. Plant spirit healing is a practice that recognizes the healing energies and wisdom that all plants are imbued with.  Satya uses plant tinctures from Pacific Northwest plants that have been gathered and created through ceremony and prayer.  Together, the synergistic combination of plant spirit medicine and energy healing can bring profound insights and deep inner healing within the heart and soul.



About Sessions

In-person and long distance sessions are available. Please e-mail Satya via the Contact page to book a session.

Usui Reiki Sessions:  1 hour – $65

Divine Light Elemental and Plant Spirit Reiki Sessions: 1.5 hour – $100