Satya is an intuitive healer, celestial communicator and tender of the Earth.

Trained on the east coast in landscape architecture, Satya initially pursued a career in land conservation and planning. During a visit to New Mexico, she discovered Chaco Canyon and within a short time moved to the southwest. Over many, many visits to Chaco . . . as she invited and allowed the silence and spaciousness of the land to permeate her being, Satya’s heart began to heal and open. Her intuitive abilities emerged more fully and communications with the unseen realms opened.

During these years, Satya studied and practiced shamanism, earth energy healing and sacred geometry. She visited ancient Goddess sites on the island of Malta and received life guidance and transformational healing during her visits to the sacred site of Avebury, UK and with the standing stones, sacred wells and fairy glens throughout Wales.

In 2008, her life underwent a profound shift, when she experienced a spontaneous initiatory experience with Archangel Michael and was in direct and immediate communication with Angelic Beings, Nature Spirits, Elementals and the Intelligence of Nature

During the winter of 2012/13, she received another direct transmission from the Celestial Realms, who brought in the energetic presence of a community of ancient Light Beings, called the Divine Light Elementals.  

Through many years of integration of these immense experiences, Satya’s mission as a communicator for the Divine Light Elementals came into focus. Satya now lives in Southern Oregon and is devoted to ever-deepening expressions of service, sacred creativity and Joy.