Devotional Altars

Creating an altar for your home is a sacred act. It is a call to spiritual energies, teachers and Beings of Light that you are available for their guidance and transformation. The creation and use of an altar reinforces your intention to slow down and invite more peace, serenity, and Love into your life and home. Altars create an anchoring spot to honor and move through the transitions of life and to more fully open your creative channels.

After several years of creating Divine Light Elementals, Satya was guided to begin creating Devotional Altars. The altars help anchor the spiritual energy and qualities of the Elementals. Each altar is uniquely hand-painted and and infused with the energies of Harmony and Love from the Etheric Elemental realm.

Please email Satya thru the Contact page if you feel called to purchase a pre-made altar or it you would like her to create a custom altar. Many options are available. Custom altars can be created around a certain deity figure, crystal or a particular Divine Light Elemental that you feel called to work with. 



Budha Altar – Sold