Story of the Elementals

A central part of my spiritual practice is to surrender each day to God and ask to be shown what to do.  One morning in mid-December of 2012, I received inner direction to gather up and disassemble my lifes accumulation of jewelry.  While unexpected, the guidance was clear and so I followed it.  I noticed that while I had expected to feel a loss as I took apart each piece, just the opposite occurred. I felt a sense of openness and new possibility within me.  Having no idea what was to come of my now bowl of beads, pendants and charms, several days later I received further direction.

I was guided to begin stringing the beads onto a wire frame that I had recently purchased.  As I worked with the beads each day, I felt deeply joyful and became aware that the beadwork was being guided.  In the quiet of the early mornings I could feel the presence of a subtle energies around me, gently directing the placement of the beads.  While having no plan at all for what the beaded piece was to look like, it was clear that a geometric pattern was emerging.

I continued working with the beads each day and then one early January morning I woke up into a field of immense pure Joy . . . an energy field truly not of this world.  I was soon guided to go out onto my small deck and take a photo of the woodland. What appeared on the photo was a beautiful Being of Light streaming to the ground. I knew when I saw the photo that this was the energy being that had been visiting me and guiding the work. The appearance of the photos was a powerful confirmation for me of communication and connection with the unseen realms of Nature, Light and Spirit.

Shortly after the Light Being appeared I was guided to work on smaller beaded pieces. It wasn’t clear at first how to configure the beads on the smaller wire frames and initially they were a bit complicated.  After a few weeks of working, I began to understand the guidance more clearly and was shown that each one was to contain an equilateral cross as the central structure. When this understanding landed within me, I had a clear awareness that the Divine Light Elementals had a healing message to offer and that creating them was something that I was to do. The equilateral cross is an ancient symbol for harmony and balance; two primary energies that each Elemental carries.

While receiving and following the guidance to create the Divine Light Elementals has clearly been my own healing, one strong message I received early on was that I was to share them with others and tell their story.  As a doorway, a portal, to the heart and into the spirit realms, they are here to help support and encourage awakening and healing into Love. I feel deeply grateful to work with this blessed energy field and share the unfolding story of the Divine Light Elementals.