“When you have a energy session with Satya, she not only brings all of her own healing abilities to the session, which are considerable, but the energy of the Divine Light Elementals who are created through her also add their own immense individual energies. Sometimes it is difficult to see where the elemental energy stops and Satya’s begins since they merge and blend and move in an exquisite dance of healing, peace and bliss. The whole experience left me in a marvelous place of tranquility and grace. We are blessed to have her in the area.”  Pam Crissy, Mill Spring, NC

“I have found that the weekly Reiki treatments given to me by Satya help me to be more calm and focused in all aspects of my life. I had tried to meditate, but couldn’t quiet my mind. During the treatments, however, this “quietness” seems natural. After each treatment, my mind feels clear and often the solution to problems that I’ve been stressing over suddenly seem evident. After treatments, I feel peaceful and have a sense of clarity and direction. Thank you, Satya!”  Helen C., Columbus, NC

“My experience as a client of Satya’s was quite profound. I was able to access very personal and useful information from higher realms from the very first session with her. This provided invaluable information to help guide my life. The information came as clear images and dialogue and was directly relevant to my life situation. Additionally, Satya was able to tune into this experience and describe where the information was coming from. Thank you Satya!  Dr. Frank Trombetta, D.Sc., Hendersonville, NC, WNC Functional Health

Divine Light Elementals

“When Satya unveiled the Elementals I immediately felt a distinct and palpable energy signature emanating from each one. What struck me most was that I could feel them interacting with my energy field, and that it was responding. This first time she introduced me to the Elementals, Satya placed them around the room to enhance and support the energy work session we were about to do. With their points facing in the four directions, they looked like a diamond made of beads of various colors, shapes, and materials. I could feel them creating a harmonizing energy grid that transformed the room into a cocoon of light, like a merkaba. It was a remarkable experience working inside this geometry light grid.

Satya brought different Elementals to our next session. As she unveiled each one, I was amazed by the power of their energy fields. She placed four of them together to form a large diamond. Before she added the fourth one it felt like I was in the energies of Sedona, AZ, amidst the powerful energy vortexes there. It also felt as though the Elementals were simultaneously reading my energies (physical, etheric, emotional, mental) and chakras, and tuning / balancing / clearing them. One Elemental in particular was very strong with the other two seeming to be working on complementing and counter-balancing its energy. As soon as Satya added the fourth Elemental to complete the new formation, I felt the whole grid balance and harmonize itself. Once again, the session was quite remarkable, with the Elementals’ energies helping to facilitate the depth of the work.

Thank you, Satya, for the truly amazing opportunity to meet and interact with these phenomenal beings, and for being their conduit and muse. With Appreciation and Gratitude,”

Dan Watson, PhD, LMBT, Hendersonville, NC The MassageDuo.com
Co-Founding Member; LaHo-Chi Institute of Energy Healing

“While Satya artfully creates her light-filled and beautiful beaded sculptures, another force, beyond my understanding, appears to be at work (and play!). Satya’s creation, using the beads from a necklace of my beloved and recently departed mother, carries Mom’s spirit essence in an otherworldly way I cannot fully describe. It feels clear that elemental beings are at work here, bringing healing that is specific and timely for those ready to receive. I am so grateful for Satya and all the work she brings to the world!”  Analisa Domenica, Mill Spring, NC


“When I first experienced the Elementals, it felt as though I was receiving communication from another world or dimension. I would feel them as star codes, a form of communication not able to be processed mentally, but as a whole energetic body of information that lit up my entire inner communication process. As I continued to work with the Elementals, I was noticing subtle shifts of perception and I could observe it all without feeling a need to force the process, or analyze any of it, as I normally would have in the past. It was a feeling of allowance and a letting go, all at the same time.  A knowing of pure being and perfection of everything transpiring around me.

I have experienced a greater connection to my true being while working with the Elementals and I am profoundly grateful for the reconnection. Having them expressed in my sacred home and work space as beautiful, light capturing geometries, that help remind me and bring me back to my true self, the one being that we are all a part of… Expressing our love and joy of life, here, so beautifully and uniquely through all the stories and experiences we create. They remind me that life is beautiful and perfect in all it’s complexities, when I can simply observe and delight in the perfect, intricate patterns being weaved into my experience.

I would like to thank Satya, for opening to the beautiful gift of receiving these into her open heart being and sharing these beautiful communications and connection to self, in such a profound and beautiful expression of light-filled geometries that remind us who we truly are.” Tammy Adkins, Herbalist and Artist, Mill Spring, NC,  Sacred Mountain Herbals


“I have been finding myself staring at this beautiful gift that has come into my life.  As I was looking at her this afternoon the word “regal” came to me.  I believe she was telling me of her gift to me.  It is time to face and live within our real Self and honor the Truth of our selves as the Child of God that we are.  It is time to remember.  Thank you for such an incredibly gentle whisper in my every day.” Judith, Talent, OR


“I have enjoyed my Elemental that Satya made for me. It has taken on a special meaning for me. Satya had taken a picture of the Elemental and in the picture an orb showed.  We both talked about it and the feeling I got was my mother being there. She passed away 7 years ago but a day doesn’t go by I don’t think about her.  I have my Elemental hanging in my Art Studio. Every sunny day the light hits it just right and it shines a beautiful light on my floor. My kitty enjoys it too as he chases the light until the sun moves on. A wonderful way to start our day.”  Victoria, Landrum, SC


“When Satya showed me the Elementals, I was immediately drawn to them and wanted to work with one myself.  I looked at one that I was considering, but had the feeling that it was missing something.  Satya intuitively brought me a different elemental which had all of the elements that I was looking for/needing to work with.  I was highly please.  I immediately connected with the Elemental.  I meditated with it, laid it on my body and slept with it hanging over my bed.

This was an Elemental which was focused on clearing and strengthening the lower three chakras, exactly what I needed.  Over the course of a couple of months of working with the elemental I felt significant changes in my body and in my life.  I had had IBS for many years and over the course of working with the elemental, that issue has been greatly diminished and I look forward to it clearing up completely.

I have also made great progress in feeling more grounded in my body, my life and my business and am currently feeling energetically aligned with an expansion in my business that is coming into fruition.  I look forward to ever greater alignment with the energies the Elemental is providing to me.  I am grateful for this beautiful being in my life.”  Bindu Johnson, Wellness Coach, Tryon, NC, www.bindujohnson.com


“I am so excited about what’s been happening since the appearance of the Elementals in my life. They feel like “tools for multidimensional cooperation” with the greater Being who is evolving right now. There are so many different aspects of That Being that want to engage, play and assist my (and others) unique expression in manifesting in new creative ways. I feel there is a unique intelligence behind each elemental matrix . . . each one acting as a portal to a greater part of my Self. Thank you Satya!” Devaya Smith, Cottonwood, AZ